Uber-like we all have reached every corner of the world. Today the Uber family comprises over 50 million riders and the number is growing. The riders who have experienced Uber Ride have one thing in common to say, “Comfort”, “Safe”, “Quick”. With the years passing by, Uber has evolved, offering a personalized Uber riding experience with world-class functionalities. 

It is no surprise why the majority of the taxi booking businesses are looking to start their business using Uber Clone App. Before you head on to create an app like Uber, you must have a thorough understanding of the business model and the technologies that make sure that the taxi booking app runs successfully. 

So, let us explore in detail the workflow, revenue model, and technical considerations while you develop Uber-like apps.

Work Flow Of The Uber Clone App

The workflow of the Uber Clone App will include a seamless booking for the users. 

  • The customer will download and open the app to request a ride. The app will show the search bar to fill in the pickup and the drop-off location. Along with it includes the selection of the car model.
  • Once the user sends the confirmation, the Uber Clone App will send the notification to the nearby drivers. One of the drivers will notify the same.
  • The ride confirmation will provide the details of the drivers, car model/number as well as the color of the car, and the estimated time to reach the destination.
  • Once the ride has ended the user has to pay the fare for the trip or if they  can choose to pay online from the multiple payment modes
  • The app will ask for the rating and feedback from the user once the trip has ended.

Launching An App Like Uber

If you are looking to launch an app like Uber and Grow the taxi booking business quickly, this blog post can direct you in the right direction. Following are the pointers to consider while developing Uber Clone App:

  • Start with the MVP – Minimum Value Product. This will have all the essential features with functional user-interface
  • Research on your target audience, their preferences to develop a user-friendly app
  • What kind of revenue strategies you wish to integrate when building an app like Uber 
  • Unique features and technology stacks required for the app creation
  • There will be separate app panels including - Admin panel, driver app, and passenger app functionality for Uber-like apps.
  • How much investment will it require to make an app like Uber 

Remember your aim to build an Uber Clone App is to match the taxi booking application. Do not copy but recreate the Uber Clone App with unique features and functionalities. 

Creating A User-friendly Functionality Like Uber

Creating an effective taxi-hailing service requires a detailed understanding of the whole mechanism of Uber. There will be three separate apps that will be sync with one another but, they are separate so that the riders, users, and the Admin can carry on their task respectively. 

Additionally, your Uber Clone App will require having a landing page that works as an entry point for the users and the drivers who wish to get on board. Listed below are new version 2021 features that are necessary for your Uber-like app, divided into passenger-oriented, driver-oriented, and Admin panel-oriented aspects.

New Version Uber Clone Features

  • Restricted passengers limit
  • Face mask verifications
  • Safety checklists
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Graphical status of the rides
  • Ride cancellation
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Taxi fare calculations 2 methods
  • OTP verification to start the ride
  • Eat/Shop/Ride
  • Gender preferences
  • Disabled/child preferences
  • Call masking
  • Book ride for someone else
  • Book now ride later
  • Push-notifications
  • In-app call/chat support
  • Multiple languages/currencies 

In Conclusion

Uber became successful because there was no other taxi booking app available on the go. It had its fair share, enjoying the monopoly to date. Many entrepreneurs imitated the taxi booking app but not all of them tasted success. Cab-hailing services has become a norm today. Developing Uber Clone App with unique features and functionalities can create a huge impact on your business and brand. To build and launch an app like Uber for your taxi business, make sure you collaborate with the professional app development company that guarantees you Uber-like popularity for your brand.